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19 February 2011


WonderCOOL is the "umbrella" for a lot of different events taking place in Copenhagen in February. And it was certainly cool today as I was out to document the Copenhagen Cooking festival - wind chill factor minus 13 celsius to be exact. This is why we have wool, people!

I made it to Gråbrødre Torv just as the wild boars were being carved. And since I was already out in the glorious sunshine, I enjoyed a nice walk through Latinerkvarteret, over Gammeltorv-Nytorv, made a stop in Magstræde where one of my favourite restaurants is located (more on that in a separate post), continued down to Stormbroen and over to Christiansborg (our parliament) and snuck a peek at the always pretty Bibliotekshaven (the library garden) before I decided to head home and "defrost" with a cup of tea. And a selection of cupcakes from Agnes.

Huks Fluks serving wild boar with bread and salad

Vor Frue kirke - church of Our Lady

Skt Petri kirke - St. Peter's church, parish church of the German-speaking community

The colourful Latinerkvarteret

Gammeltorv - Nytorv

Strædet (Kompagnistræde)

Strædet (Kompagnistræde)


16 Magstræde houses one of my favourite restaurants!

View from Stormbroen - I'm guessing the tour-boats are not sailing today

Nikolaj kirke in the background

The back of Christiansborg Ridebane

Thorvaldsens museum

The National Museum

The entrance to Christiansborg Ridebane (the riding grounds) with the back of Christiansborg itself in the background

No horses today, but then if I was a horse I'd rather be inside in the warm stables too

Of course our Folketing have their own bicycles...

The doorway to the Bibliotekshaven

Library garden rules - no swimming in the fountain

I love this place. It's tiny and peaceful.

I know it doesn't look like much, but in a few months those bushes will be blooming - imagine sitting on one of those benches under a cloud of little pink flowers.

Testing cupcakes is serious business. I recommend the vanilla flavour, top right-hand corner.

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