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12 February 2011

Agnes Cupcakes

Agnes Cupcakes - the name says it all.

This bakery specialises in cupcakes. On the wall you will find a list of all the flavours and on which weekdays they are available. You can get a cup of coffee or bottle of juice with your cupcake - and that's it. No need for a menu as long as your arm; this place is dedicated to the one thing they do extremely well.

Everything is delicious - from the stunning frosting and decoration of each cake, and the light and airy shop/cafe, to the sleek gift boxes.

The place can be quite noisy when it's busy, and Agnes seems to be one of those places where someone behind the counter thinks that the solution is to turn up the music - which in turn makes guests talk louder. But you can always take your cupcake with you in a fancy box.

1 cupcake DKK 30, 4/110, 6/165, 12/300

2 Sværtegade, 1118 København K
Tel.: 3120 6000
Email: get@agnescupcakes.com

Open: Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-17, first Sunday of the month 12-17

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