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11 February 2011


Gryberg Copenhagen is a slice of cake and confectionary heaven, to go or to stay. Bread, cakes, pies, cupcakes, handmade chocolate, hot chocolate etc.

The cakes taste just as delicious as they look, the trouble is choosing what to try! Luckily the dear people behind the counter understand your plight and now serve 'cake tapas' - 6 kinds of cake + coffee/tea for DKK 65.

24 Lille Strandstræde, 1254 København K
Tel.: 7027 3161
Email: info@gryberg.dk
Open: Mon-Fri 12-17, Sat 10-15

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'Cake tapas'

Hot chocolate, you say? Sure, would you like the 65% with whipped cream, or perhaps the strawberry flavoured with ice cream?

Blackcurrant truffle

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