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12 February 2011

Madklubben restaurants

Madklubben is a favourite of mine! The concept is simple in the best sense of the word.

As the manifest says: Good food in nice surroundings, no long stories and intimate details about everything they serve, but do ask if you have questions - and speak up if something doesn't live up to your expectations; tomorrow it will be too late to correct it.

Very reasonable prices: 1 course for DKK 100, 2 for DKK 150, 3 for DKK 200, 4 for DKK 250. And the Danish/French-inspired cuisine is really good.

They are only open for dinner.

This is a personal favourite of mine because it is great value for money, and I always leave with a big smile on my face after having enjoyed a delicious dinner.

66 Store Kongensgade, 1264 København K
Tel.: 3332 3234
Email: madklubben@bistrobooking.dk
Online booking
Open: Mon-Sat 17:30-24

Kraks map
Google map

A peek in through the window

Madklubben has other eateries around Copenhagen – lucky us!

The most recent addition is Madklubben TIVOLI in the Tivoli Gardens. The restaurant looks like an old conservatory and the menu is based on “dishes granny would serve in her allotment garden”. Small lunch dishes for DKK 50 (they recommend 3 dishes per person). Dinner is 1 course for DKK 100, 2 for DKK 150, 3 for DKK 200, 4 for DKK 250, similar to the original Madklubben.

The restaurant is located right next to Plænen (“the lawn”) in Tivoli where guests can enjoy free open air concerts on Friday evenings – Madklubben TIVOLI therefore has a special Friday menu with 3 courses for DKK 350.

Madklubben TIVOLI
Tivoli Gardens
Tel: 3375 0755
Email: tivoli@bistrobooking.dk
Open: when Tivoli Gardens are open

For those of the distinctly carnivorous persuasion, there is Madklubben Steak in Pilestræde. A selection of brunch dishes, steak or burger early in the day. The dinner menu of course includes beef, lamb, pork, fish and bird. And foie gras. 3 courses for DKK 300, 4 courses for DKK 350.

Madklubben Steak
23 Pilestræde, 1112 København K
Tel: 3313 3334
Email: steak@bistrobooking.dk
Online booking
Open: Mon-Fri 8-15, Sat + Sun 10-16, Mon-Sun 17:30-24

Tony’s is named after the restaurant in the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp”, and the cuisine is “Italy/New York”. And yes, of course you can have spaghetti and meatballs! 3 courses for DKK 200, 4 for DKK 250.
47 Havnegade, 1058 København K
Tel: 3313 3307
Online booking
Open: Mon-Sun 17:30-24

Last in the row of Madklubben’s eateries (for now!) is Frankie’s Køkken – the 80s revisited.
Frankie's Køkken
25 Admiralgade, 1066 København K
Tel: 3313 3377
Email: frankies@bistrobooking.dk
Open: Mon-Sat 17:30 - 24:00

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