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13 February 2011

A.C. Perch

A.C. Perch, ye olde tea shoppe (since 1835). Tiny, smells fantastic, sells quality tea and select cakes and sweets. Been coming here with my grandmother since I was five and too short to see over the counter.

The staff is extremely knowledgable and service-minded, they will help you find whatever you're looking for.

If you could do with a cuppa and maybe a scone, Perch has a 'Tea Room' on the 1st floor. The entrance is a few steps further down the street from the tea shop, in through a doorway and up some stairs. Classy, tasty and pricey. 
A pot of tea + 2 scones for DKK 98. The 'Grand Ceremony', which also includes finger sandwiches and a glass of Cremént for the cakes, is DKK 195.

A.C. Perch's tea shop
5 Kronprinsensgade, 1114 København K
Tel.: 3315 3562
Open: Mon-Thur 9-17:30, Fri 9-16, Sat 9:30-16

Perch's tea room
5 Kronprinsensgade, 1st floor, 1114 København K
Tel.: 3315 3577
Open: Mon-Fri 11-17:30, Sat 10-17

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