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12 February 2011

Sunshine is my 'happy pill'

We enjoyed a good brunch at Ofelia restaurant today in glorious sunshine.

Sunny Saturday = lively city. We walked through Mønterkvartet, the area around Møntergade and Gammel Mønt, and Latinerkvarteret around the old university buildings.

Took the train 1 stop to Kastellet and walked to Nordre Toldbod to see if the Løgismose gourmet supermarket was open - unfortunately it had closed half an hour earlier. But Toldboden restaurant right next door was open, so I was treated to a coffee before I walked home.

So many people out for a walk around the lakes, kids feeding the ducks, etc. Great day.

Ofelia restaurant inside Skuespilhuset (Royal Theatre)


Gammel Mønt

Agnes Cupcakes in Sværtegade

Summerbird chocolate shop in Kronprinsensgade

A.C. Perch tea shop in Kronprinsensgade

Vor Frue Kirke - church of Our Lady

The old university

University from the other side

Toldboden restaurant - more interesting on the inside!

St. Alban's English Church as seen from Kastellet

The lakes

It was -5 today, so a thin sheet of ice on the surface

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