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12 February 2011

Today's expedition

It was quite the success, I think. Everyone was very nice - except for the sales person at Magasin department store who (curtly) interrupted my paparazzi-assault on the poor little chocolates. Apparently you are not allowed to take photos at Magasin - who knew? Too bad for them, we all know pictures sell.

I managed to get photos for quite a few posts - so far Gryberg is up, more on the way. Tomorrow we have a brunch date at Ofelia, the restaurant located in the new 'Skuespilhuset' (part of the Royal Theatre). Beautiful view of the harbour - I will bring the camera.

Frederikskirken (Marmorkirken)


Madklubben - an absolute favourite of mine

Sankt Annæ Passage

MASH - Modern American Steak House



The Royal Theatre

Magasin department store - photography not allowed (inside)

Nikolaj Kirke - which is hard to photograph because the church is big and the square around it tiny

The person in this photo is not tiny - the church is that big

H. Skjalm P.

Gråbrødre Torv - always makes me smile

Faraos cigarer

Jorcks Passage

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