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19 February 2011

Magstræde 16

The name of the restaurant is its address; Magstræde 16. The cuisine is Italian – the simple, authentic and quality-conscious kind of Italian. Only the best products are served here, most of them hand-picked and specially imported by the owners (don't even get them started on the wine...). And it is even very affordable with prices starting well below DKK 100. Everything here is charmingly old and crooked – the street, the building, the floors. What's not to love?

This place is all about the litte pizze which the restaurant is understandably famous for. In addition to the set menu, there are the season dependent "signature pizze" of talented chefs who have visited the kitchen of Magstræde 16. The pizze are small because the restaurant aims for a tapas-style experience, this way 2 people can share 3 different mouth-watering pizze. 

This place is a personal favourite of mine because it is extraordinary value for money, the best Italian food I have enjoyed outside Tuscany, and the staff are very friendly and enthusiastic. I had my graduation party here and my family was floored.

16 Magstræde, 1204 København K
Tel.: 3316 1292
Email: info@magstraede16.dk
Online booking
Open: Mon-Thur 17-22:30, Fri+Sat 12-23:30, Sun 17-22

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