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7 June 2011

Summer, the Copenhagen way

After some strange May weather which was at times more reminiscent of October, all of a sudden summer is upon us. And the first thing that happens when summer arrives in Copenhagen is that everyone moves out of their homes and into the parks! Not literally, of course, but it seems that we take up more or less permanent residence outside; in parks, in squares, on benches or chairs, even swimming in the harbour. If the weather allows we will meet here, eat here, drink here, tan here, get married here and have a BBQ while we’re at it.

So in line with the philosophy of St Ambrose ("when in Rome, do as the Romans do"), let’s get you out there too.

Remember; don’t pick the flowers, play nice and clean up after yourself. Our parks and recreational areas are only as inviting as we leave them. You will always find a garbage bin nearby.

See the individual posts for suggestions on where and what to eat. Disposable BBQs can be purchased at the nearest supermarket, and some parks even have proper BBQ facilities – just add coal and matches.



Kongens Have

Kongens Have


Note: Several parks are under the administration of Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen (the Palaces and Properties Agency), and you will have to obtain permission if you wish to have an event here. The agency can be reached at sesmail@ses.dk or tel. (+45) 3392 6300.

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