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7 June 2011

Getting married in Copenhagen…

…is very much doable! You will have to fill in some paperwork, forward copies of your passport and a certificate of marital status, and if neither of you are Danish citizens you will have to pay a fee of DKK 500.

Once the paperwork is in order you are free to get married at city hall, or anywhere within the municipality of Copenhagen. The authorities offer weddings at specific locations around the city this summer, the wedding office can tell you more. (See the below website for details.)

However, if you have your own special idea of just where and when and how, you can contact a Borgerrepræsentant ("citizen representative" at city hall) and ask them to wed you. It is up to the individual Borgerrepræsentant (and his/her busy schedule) whether to agree to a wedding, but they are usually very forthcoming and helpful. Again, the wedding office can tell you more about the possibilities.

Remember that some of the public parks are under the administration of the Palaces and Properties Agency, and you may have to obtain permission if you wish to have an event here.

Plan well in advance, it’s difficult to improvise a wedding when so much paperwork is required.

Find further information here. And have a wonderful day. :o)

-MB (married in Kongens Have on 21 May 2011)

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  1. Very useful! I'm thinking of actually doing it so thanks for the details! and congrats for your great blog!