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7 June 2011


Unlike some of the other parks that are built on Copenhagen's old defences, this is Copenhagen's old defences. This old star-shaped fortification is well-preserved and still houses a functioning military base. Not that you can tell – people have picnics here. Nice view of the harbour up on the eastern ramparts.

Free entrance. Public toilets. Playground. Note: No swimming in the moat.

1 Kastellet, 2100 København Ø
Open: The gates around the military base itself are open 6-22, the area outside the moats is always accessible.

A bite to eat in/near Kastellet

BBQing is not allowed on the ramparts, only the area outside the moat. Here you will find permanent BBQs as well as benches and a playground.
There is an Irma supermarket at Østerport Station, Oslo Plads (west).

At Nordre Toldbod (southeast) you will find Løgismose, a luxury food business which produces, imports and sells only the very best produce from Denmark and abroad. Especially the cheese, wine and chocolate is to die for.

16 Nordre Toldbod, 1259 København K
Tel.: 3332 9332
Open Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-15

Buttermilk koldskål, typical Danish summer dessert

Fresh cake coming up


The restaurant Toldboden offers fresh-made seafood at prices from DKK 50, and a very expansive weekend brunch. (See separate post here.)

24 Nordre Toldbod, 1259 København K
Tel.: 3393 0760
Email: mail@restaurantjulian.com
Online booking possible
Open: Every day 11-22, brunch Sat+Sun 10-14

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