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7 June 2011

Østre Anlæg

Østre Anlæg stretches all the way from Statens Museum for Kunst (the National Gallery, Sølvgade/Øster Voldgade) to Østerport station at Oslo Plads. Like several other of Copenhagen’s parks it is built on the city’s old defences. It is a very varied park with lakes, rose beds, rhododendrons, a playground with a fishing boat (on land), etc. You can easily find your very own little spot to enjoy.

This is also where the “Stella Polaris” event takes place: the first weekend of August every year, the park is filled with mellow chill-out electronic music and several thousand people lounging in the sun. Relax and enjoy. (12-21)

Free entrance to the park.

Entrances from Øster Voldgade, Sølvgade, Stockholmsgade and Oslo Plads.
Open: Always.

A bite to eat in/near Østre Anlæg

Dotted around the park you will find permanent BBQs and tables where you can place and use your own disposable BBQ: Facing Oslo Plads, at Püchler’s Bastion along the railroad tracks, and near Hirsprungs samling overlooking Quitzows Ravelin.
You will find an Irma supermarket at Østerport Station, Oslo Plads.

The restaurant Aamans offers very delicate interpretations of typical Danish dishes including the open-faced sandwiches 'smørrebrød'. Also takeaway smørrebrød, cheese and cake – perfect for your picnic in Østre Anlæg.
Dinner courses from DKK 235. Lunch courses from DKK 115. Takeaway from DKK 45.

10-12 Øster Farimagsgade, 2100 København Ø
Tel.: 3555 3310
Email: info@aamans.dk
Online booking available
Restaurant - Wed-Sun 12-16, Wed-Sat 18-23
Takeaway Deli – Mon-Fri 10:30-20:30, Sat 11-16:30, Sun 12-16:30

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