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4 March 2011

Øbro-hallen - more than just a swimming pool

The bottom floor of the Øbro-hallen swimming facility houses the "Kurbad", the public baths/spa facility. Here you will find everything you need to thaw out. You can treat yourself to total relaxation at an affordable price.

The entrance to the Kurbad gives you access to the Turkish bath, sauna, communal sauna, spa pool, light room, infrared sauna, hot-water pool and of course the swimming facilities. In addition to this you can buy extra products such as bath salts/sugars, a whole catalogue of aroma/detox baths (book in advance, tel. 3525 7060) and steam sauna.

The entrance is DKK 104, the steam sauna an extra DKK 33 and the aroma bath an extra DKK 56.

Massage (does not include entrance) is DKK 250 for 25 min. or DKK 450 for 50 minutes. (Book in advance, tel. 2621 7062 or online here.)

Note! To use the lockers in the men's changing room you need a 20 kroner coin, in the ladies' changing room it's a 10 kroner coin. Minimum age for the public baths is 15 years. Steam bath and shower area segregated. Swimwear required.

3 Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads, 2100 København Ø
Tel.: 3525 7060
Open: Mon 12-20, Tue 7-10, Wed 10-20, Thur 12-20, Fri 7-21, Sat + Sun 9-15

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